“Where’s the 10-Star button?  The Ding King just conducted a Master Class in primo customer service.  I call Todd at The Ding King, and tell him about my newly acquired hail damage on my brand new F-150 pickup.  I may have been crying, I don’t remember.  LOL.  I LOVE my new truck!!  He is polite, professional, knowledgeable and guided me right to a quick and happy outcome.  He gave me my contact person, named James, and his direct number.  One phone call and a quick chat with James and I have  an appointment the very next day at 9am.  

Just what I wanted.  I walk in and they’re busy as can be…lots of cars, lots of guys all around, even a film crew for a reality TV show they’re doing.  Still, they drive my truck right around to the back door and get immediately to work.    None of this sitting around waiting nonsense like usual.  The day I returned to pick up my truck, a team of four or five men were standing around looking at the truck, admiring their perfect work, as a buffer is putting the finishing touches on it.  Dents were gone!!  Like it never happened.  Like it was a brand new truck.  He hands me my keys and away I go.  

I even get a follow-up call to make sure I was happy as can be.  Why can’t every business be run this way?  The Ding King is auto body repair like we all wish it could be.  Not only was this as good a service as I’ve ever experienced, but it was as good as could possibly be….in ANY industry. ” #customerforlife

Find a Ding King Hail Squad Location Near You for Hail Damage Repair By Calling (719) 694-1525 Today.

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